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Commando Close Quarter Combat (Military & Special Forces)

Military and Special Forces Tactical Unarmed Combat Program-

The Pekiti-Tirsia Kali India   Military Commando Combat System is run under the guidance of Kanishka Sharma worlds Finest Commando Trainer. He Is Ranked Tuhon in Kali System which is equivalent to Master.

Kali Combat for Special Forces and Military is tested and proven through generation in wars. Pekiti Tirsia Kali offers unique combat program for Military and Special Forces. Where as most systems follow empty hands process and then graduate to weapons which are generally not applicable in real combat scenario.

In Kali the practisoner masters the edge and Impact weapon combat first which means he undergoes training in Knife and stick combat where one has to master the angles and striking patterns. These angles and patterns are unique to Filipno Kali system and the same is transferred to  using tactical weapons like Assault Rifles and Hand guns in close quarter combat or close quarter battle and the same angels and motion are used in unarmed combat.

There for making it very easy for commandos to learn the Military Survival combat system.

The commandos are taught to fight multiple opponent in comparison to other systems which are based on one on one fighting.

The Military Combat System is a combative skills program in Close Quarters Combat (CQC) tactical doctrine specifically formulated for Special Forces, SWAT Units, Special Task Forces  and Para Military Groups

Filipino Kali Tactical training provides operators with complete Strategy of Techniques and tactics for the close-quarters and use of all personal weapons and field expedient weapons found on the battlefield and other environments.

The Commandos have high degree of specialization in knife combat helping to do survive in knife to knife combat or knife to empty hands . They are taught how to do sentry termination and Sentry Silencing using knife and empty hands.

The foundation strategy of Pekiti-Tirsia Kali is:

1. Protection from all attacks. 
2. Destruction of opponent(s) weapons.
3. Domination in Combat.

Combat Blade fighting tactics are executed according to this strategy. Tactics and training must provide skills for protection, evasion against opponents’ strikes, and the ability never to be hit.

 The live blade provides instant realization of this principle, Protection from strikes and attacks are accomplished by footwork mobility and maneuver, counter-offensive strikes, and by striking the opponent first.

Opponent weapons are destroyed by direct strikes to the weapon hand or incapacitation by striking vital areas off-time of opponent’s strikes. This is often known as DEFANG THE SNAKE IN FILIPINO MARTIAL ARTS.

Domination of close-quarters combat is executed by attacking, quartering, controlling, and neutralizing the threat regardless of terrain, environment, or multiple adversaries.


  1. Combat Bolo/CQB/Close-Quarters Bolo
  2. Combat Knife/CQK/Close-Quarters Knife
  3. Combat Empty-Hands/CQE/Close-Quarters Empty-Hands
  4. Combat Bayonet/CQBT/Close-Quarters Bayonet
  5. Tactical Weapons Disarming/CQD/Close-Quarters Disarming
  6. Tactical Weapons Retention/CQR/Close-Quarters Retention
  7. Dynamic Tactical Footwork
  8. Sentry Removal and Sentry Silencing 
  9. 2 Man and 3 Man Team Knife combat Tactics
  10. Low light extreme close quarter combat

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