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Corporate Street Survival Self Defense Program


Exercons (Selfdefense – Urban Street Survival) & Qi Gong (Meditation In Movement) for Todays Corporates.

Exercons- Executive Risk Control Strategy – SELF DEFENSE CLASSES/TRAINING

Are you protecting your companies assets?

Smart Companies know they cannit afford to have one of their employees become a victim of violence on or off their Job Site. Each Player on the team is valuable and important to the to the well being as a whole

Most Companies take steps to keep their employyes safe and healthy through health insurance, wellness programs and on the job safety training. Its not just the right thing to do, its good business to keep the employees happy and healthy.


The Exercons Program

The System is based on the principle of 3 e Easy Effective and Economical

Easy to Learn- As most Employees may not have had any form of self defense classes/training befor the Exercons system is a practical training program.

Effective Results- The program is designed in a manner a participant can easy grasp and use it at a time of need to protect and defend himself , Whether or not his is a trained martial artist or not.

Economical Movemnets are Perfect for the Employees as it is easy to learn and effective at the same time and very Practical self defense classes/training which can aid you to avoid being a victim.


<p >Qi Gong for Perfect corporate Health- by Kanishka Sharma

Specifically for corporates, combines the powerful movements derived from Yi Jing (muscle tendon changing) Qi gong 7 Xi su Xing (Bone marrow washing Qi Gong and Taoist Qi gong

This has been done specifically to treat ailments common to corporate who would have to work all day sitting in front of the computer. Like  cervical & Spondylitis, high Blood pressure, Migraine,anxiety and short term memory lapse and it is an excellent internal exercise and a well regulated system. Qi gong  enhances mental acuity, focus 7 concentration. The Qi Draws the focus and trains the mind, Qi gong helps one to calm down relax and become  more peacefull. 

Benfits of Qi Gong

  • Helps in curing coronary heart disease
  • Helps in curing Bronchitis
  • Helps in curing Soreness in lumber regions
  • Helps Asthma patients
  • Aids in Reduction of stress
  • Helps in curing of high blood pressure
  • Improves the digestive system
  • Toning up central nervous system
  • Rejuvenating five major body organs- heart, lungs, liver, kidney and spleen
  • Cures cervical spondylitis
  • Aids in Short term memory loss


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