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PTK Law Enforcement Training

Police Defensive Tactics-

Grand Tuhon Gaje taught Pekiti Tirsia all over the United States and the world, becoming a leader in promoting and teaching Filipino Martial Arts and gaining a reputation for technical excellence and hard training. His efforts helped make the Filipino Martial Arts highly appreciated within the Military and Law Enforcement communities for its combat effectiveness.

The system became a favorite of many Law Enforcement agencies, with Grand Tuhon Gaje’s creation of Safety Baton and Edged Weapon Awareness/Strategic Knife Defense programs, which reduced the liabilities of officers and departments by teaching officers to target areas of the body that would be incapacitating and yet minimizing the risk of civil liability due.

 Grand Tuhon Gaje was later appointed National Training Director for the Justice System Training Association and the U.S. Police Defensive Tactics Association and eventually became the Technical Advisor in the highly acclaimed police training video for edged weapon strategy and tactics "Surviving Edged Weapons".

Kanishka Sharma Who is one of the Finest Commando Trainer had not only traimned in Kali But also Systems like Police Kungfu From Master Lo Man Kam ( Elder Kungfu Brother of Bruce lee) incharge of Taiwan SWAT Team),  JeetKuneDo Police Tactics by Sifu Wang and Police Defensive Tactics by Grand Tuhon Leo Gaje.

The law enforcement program for Indian Police is specially designed by Commando Trainer Kanishka Sharma in order to give them the best Technology.

The Concept of Police Defensive Tactics is “ONE TOUCH ONE CONTROL”

The One touch one control concept helps the Police and Law enforcement agencies in understanding the concept of Force Ladder and Helps to ensure that there is minimum legal Liability on the Department.

The Police Units are not only taught to control the subject but also to arrest and subdue him using minimum force. The same techniques are used in VIP Protection program where the subject can be attacked by single or multiple opponent by stick or knife in close quarters.

Police Defensive Tactics have many programs like-

1.      C.P.M- Critical Path Method

2.      Control Dynamics Unarmed Combat Program through Joint Manupilation

3.      Arrest Procedures- Active and Passive Arrest

4.      Knife Self Defense Awareness Program

5.      Riot Control Tactics

6.      Ground Fighting Tactics

7.      Weapon Disengagement and Retention Program

8.      Police Safety Baton Tactics

9.      Speed Handcuffing Course