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Women Empowerment: Women Street Survival Self Defense Program

Shifu Kanishka's  Women Self defense Training classes India.

With The growing rate of crime against women it has become essential for women to learn a practical and effective self defense.
Shifu Kanishka Sharma ‘s expertise in over 8 martial arts and experience of over 30 years in the field of martial arts training, brings to you  Women self defense classes here in India.

Shifu Kanishka’s Self Defense India represents the Indian Goddess Kali who is considered the fiercest goddess of destruction against evil. The goddess has four arms, on one hand she holds a sword and on the other she holds the head of a demon, whilst  the other hands are seen blessing her followers as if to say Fear Not!

Shifu Kanihka’s Self defense  classes works on taking the fear out of women and training them in practical methods using a combination of Jeet Kune do and Filipino martial art Kali to destroy evil.

According to the latest news and India’s rising crime against women it has become it is clear that women are unsafe and are constantly under watch of the predators eyes. It is a sad yet true state and women cannot be sitting afraid but need to come out brave and attain the Kali avatar if necessary.

Shifu Kanihska’s Street Survival Strategy & Tactics - A very practical and effective system  derived from Pekiti Tirsia Kali, and  Bruce Lee’s system Jeet Kune Do The official system of counter terrorist forces across the world and Indian Forces like NSG Commandos and Special Forces.

System USP

Master Kanishka Sharma has used his 26 years of experience on various martial arts to create this very effective self defense technique.
The system is Based on the principle of 3E philosophy

  • Easy To learn 
  • Economical Movements
  • Effective Results
  • Transitional Techniques & Training
  • All techniques are designed to be applicable from one Improvised Weapon (Ball Pen, Credit Cards, Mobile Phone) to another and same techniques are applicable when Empty handed.
  • Universally Implementable

Some Bitter facts!!!

According to a recent study concluded by the Home Ministry's National Crime Records Bureau, Violence against women is the fastest-growing crime in India.

  • Every 26 minutes a woman is MOLESTED
  • Every 34 minutes a RAPE takes place
  • Every 43 minutes a woman is KIDNAPPED

New Delhi, India, has been dubbed the "RAPE CAPITAL" of South Asia.

Learn to empower yourself & avoid being the victim!

  • Deal effectively against the most common attacks against women.
  • Escape safely from a carjacking attempt.
  • Defend against chokes and strangles.
  • Rape Safe - defending yourself when your attacker is on top of you with your back against the ground.
  • Self Defense using ordinary, everyday items such as keys, pens, magazines, credit cards and mobiles that are within your reach, In your house, in the car, in the street or just taking a walk, these weapons are everywhere just in case you need them.

Shifu Kanihska’s Self defense classes for Women are available at Noida and Delhi and are ideal for corporate workshops .


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